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Capturing the first footage of Baby, the albino dolphin, in Taiji, Japan. She entered the Whale Museum undercover to document the animal abuse and deplorable conditions for the Sea Shepherds.

Recently, Missy set a
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SWAN RESCUE in Watermill Missy Hargraves - Swan Rescue
A Cygnet has managed to get itself caught under a floating dock at the home of Jay and Donna Margolis in Watermill.

Everyone got quite excited at the Margolis residence in Watermill when a Cygnet (baby Swan) somehow got itself caught under a floating dock on Mecox Bay.  Rescuer Missy Hargraves responded and did not hesitate to jump in the bay to try and help the little swan.  When she could not loosen the baby by reaching under the dock, they had to come up with another plan. 

It was decided to try and help the swan by removing some of the decking from above and lifting it out.  This turned into a group effort when several people joined in to rescue the baby.  The dock, however did not give up its planking easily and it soon began to turn into a major project.  

Missy, a veteran animal rescuer from Hurricane Katrina, was not going to give up.  Even after the swan was exposed from above, it had to be carefully removed so it would not further injure its wings in the process.

Swans get themselves into all sorts of problems.  Especially when they first leave the family group to strike out on their own.  The surface of roads look like the surface of waterways to the new flyers and they often crash land on the hard road surfaces  and often break bones in the process.  Also, they need an extensive runway to get airborn again.  Many times you can see them quite confused standing on the side of the roadways.

The center admits many swans each year.  They are often difficult and naturally reluctant and usually uncooperative being handled by humans.  It is a little intimidating  at times to give care to a hissing angry swan.

In the end, it was a great success and the cygnet swam off without even a Thank you Ma'am" to our brave rescuer Missy  and her friends who assisted in this rescue.  Thank you one and all.

Missy Hargraves - Swan Rescue
"How in the world did you manage to get yourself caught in this situation?"  ask the rescuers.
Missy Hargraves - Swan Rescue
The swan naturally terrified, would rather be almost any place than where it has ended up at the present moment.
Missy Hargraves - Swan Rescue
We use a towel to protect the wings when our friend is removed from the dock.  We don't want any protruding nails to tear up flapping wings of a very frightened bird.
Missy Hargraves - Swan Rescue
We have to get the swan in the right position to get it out of the floating dock without further injury.
Missy Hargraves - Swan Rescue
Hooray!  Finally out after a lot of work.  Everything looks okay and the little guy is obviously raring to go.
Missy Hargraves - Swan Rescue
Off we go without a scratch.  This is the ultimate paycheck for our volunteers.  A great success.

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